Breaking Down Your Brand Guidelines


When working with a designer and building your brand you should never walk away without a Brand Guidelines Document. This will tell you everything you need to know about your brand and how to keep it consistent.


The information in your guidelines will help you and others create collateral that all follow the same colours, design and rules of your business branding.



Colour palette – this will show you all your business colours and give the CMYK, RGB and Hex breakdowns

Typography – this will inform you on what fonts where used to create your logo and branding. If custom fonts where created for your logo, then you should be given some suggested web fonts in which you can use across your collateral that will compliment your logo and branding.

Files Types – this will let you know how to use your final files across all printing and digital medias

Logo Variations – this will show you all the different colour variations and orientations of your logo

Usage – this will show you how to and how to not use your logo

Image Library – if you have requested your designer to create an image library for you, the images that can and are used across your branding should be presented in your guidelines

Collateral – If you have already created a number of collateral pieces you may ask for these to be displayed in your guidelines for reference at a later date


This document really is your business bible and will help you keep your branding all looking consistent and professional.